Student Expectations

Students who choose online college courses need flexibility, they have family or work obligations that can enable them from attending college in a traditional classroom setting. Online learning is a great choice for a student with time limitations but the expectations for these students are a little different from face to face learners. Online students have to be self-motivated and one who is an independent learner. Other expectations that faculty expect from their online learners are to:

  1. Check the course homepage, calendar and assignment page, email, and the course discussion board several times a week.
  2. Post comments and responses to the discussion board at least twice a week.
  3. Keep up with reading assignments, study guides, and on-line quizzes (as applicable).
  4. Participate actively in class discussions; applying the knowledge he/she has learned and posting these to the discussion board.
  5. Respond to weekly discussions that are on the discussion board: ask questions, respond to questions, and make other comments.
  6. Practice "Netiquette": be polite and respectful in postings (no sending negative, hurtful comments to others); use good grammar and correct spelling; don't write in all caps (it seems like you're shouting) or exotic fonts (they may not show up on everyone's computer).

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