Honor Code/Center Scope

Students who have accepted admission into an academic program at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center are expected to behave in a professional manner, adhering to high moral and ethical standards in the classroom, laboratories, and in patient care settings.  The UTHSC Honor Code promotes personal honor and integrity in the best traditions of the health science professions as well as promotes academic honesty.  This campus wide Honor Code protects all UTHSC students. The complete Honor Code document is printed in each issue of the Center Scope Student Handbook within the Student Judicial System section.

Students who have accepted admission into an academic program at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center are expected to abide by the principles as set forth in the Honor Code. These principles include:

  • Appropriate behavior in the classroom including adherence to faculty directives related to the extent of collaboration that is acceptable during the completion of class assignments and during tests, materials that maybe consulted during tests, and the appropriate use of electronic technology in various settings.
  • Appropriate behavior is expected in lab settings including adherence to faculty directives regarding completion of individual and group assignments, accurate reporting of laboratory results, and appropriate acknowledgement of contributions from other individuals or from other sources.
  • And appropriate behavior is also expected in clinical settings including adherence to regulations regarding attendance and participation on clinical teams, appropriate use of patient records, timely completion of reports, and provision of quality patient care.

As a condition of enrollment at UTHSC, each student during the new student orientation period is required to sign the Honor Code Pledge. Registration or class attendance could be blocked for students who have not submitted their signed pledge form to the Office of Enrollment Services.

In accordance with Honor Code procedures, students, faculty, staff, and test administrators must report observed violations to the appropriate College

Honor Council. Each college has an Honor Council that functions under the rules defined in the campus wide Honor Code.

Students of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center accept a responsibility to conduct their academic endeavors with honor and integrity by pledging to abide by the Honor Code. Additional information related to the Honor Code can be found on the Office of Student Life: Honor Code webpage at https://www.uthsc.edu/studentlife/honorcode.php or

If you have questions related to the Honor Code, please contact a member of your college’s Honor Council or one of the administrators in your college with responsibility for academic or student affairs.


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