Institutional Memberships

Education Advisory Board (EAB)

UTHSC is an institutional member of EAB, which provides research for provosts, deans and academic leaders on elevating teaching performance and academic governance. We all have access to the Academic Affairs Forum resources and here's how to take advantage of those resources.

1. Create a free user account on

NEW USERS: Any employee of a member institution may create an individual user account on
Step #1: Visit Enter location information.
Step #2: Select employer from the dropdown.
Step #3: Enter personal/contact information (note: use your UTHSC-issued email address).
Step #4: An email with instructions for completing the account creation process will be sent. Follow those instructions.

2. View past webinars and check out upcoming Academic Affairs Forum webinars.

3. Manage your EAB email subscriptions at Consider registering for EAB’s Daily Briefing (under ‘News’) and Academic Affairs Forum (under ‘Product or Membership Email’).



UTHSC is an institutional member of ELI, which is a community of higher education institutions and organizations committed to the advancement of learning through the innovative application of technology.

Membership Highlights

Accessing ELI Resources

In order to access ELI member-only resources, you will need to create an EDUCAUSE profile. If you do not have a profile, visit the EDUCAUSE login page and follow the instructions to create your personal EDUCAUSE profile.


Online Learning Consortium (OLC)

UTHSC is an institutional member of the Online Learning Consortium (OLC). OLC is one of the leading professional organizations devoted to advancing quality online teaching and learning by providing professional development, instruction, best practice publications and guidance to educators, online learning professionals and organizations around the world.

To access publications, survey reports, and presentations available from OLC please go to:

To register for upcoming webinars or view recordings of previous webinars please go to:


Quality Matters

Quality Matters (QM) is a faculty-centered, peer review process that is designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses. QM is a leader in quality assurance for online education and has received national recognition for its peer-based approach and continuous improvement in online education and student learning.

The three main components in the Quality Matters Program are:
QM Rubric
QM Course Review
QM Training & Support (Professional Development)  

Quality Matters reviews course design only and NOT delivery or faculty performance.

Accessing Quality Matters

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the MYQM on the top tool bar
  3. Enter your UTHSC email and select “No, I am new here.”
  4. Create user account, enter University of Tennessee as Institution
  5. Then select UTHSC


WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET)

UTHSC is an institutional member of WCET, which is a national, membership-based, non-profit organization whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of effective practices and policies to advance excellence in technology-enhanced teaching and learning in higher education. WCET is nationally recognized as one of the most informative, reliable and forward-thinking organizations regarding the role of technology and innovation in higher education.

WCET is also the foremost authority on state authorization to provide distance education.

All UTHSC faculty and staff may subscribe to WCET's member-only email lists:

  • WCETNews - weekly article digests that compile national news related to higher ed and technology in 3 categories: academic, technology, and policy.
  • WCETDiscuss - a moderated discussion list with excellent exchanges and sharing over a wide range of issues - from how instructional design is organized to integration of web collaboration tools and more.

UTHSC faculty and staff can subscribe to wcetnews or wcetdiscuss by emailing Sherri Artz Gilbert at sartzgilbert (at) wiche (dot) edu.

WCET's blog, Frontiers, is also a tremendous information resource on issues related to state authorization, federal policy affecting distance education, and innovative practices among WCET's community.


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