Year of Online Course Quality

Each year, through a collaborative process, the TLC identifies a teaching technique, strategy, or method that will be supported through additional specific professional development programming. For academic year 2016-17, the Year of Online Course Quality is our current initiative. To support the TLC's efforts and provide faculty input to programming, a Faculty Innovation Scholar, Dr. Jackie Burchum, was appointed. Click to read more about Dr. Burchum.

What advantages does this bring? We will identify resources and programs devoted to assisting you in ensuring that your online courses meet quality standards.

  • Institutional subscription to Quality Matters (QM), a nationally recognized, faculty-centered, peer review process designed to certify the quality of online course design and online components.  
  • Individual membership in QM (provided through the institutional subscription). Create your QM account using your UTHSC email by visiting this link.
  • Development of a common customizable online course template that incorporates quality standards to save faculty time and effort in meeting selected QM Standards.  
  • Provide opportunities for faculty to take courses on Applying the QM Rubric. This will allow faculty to evaluate their current online courses for inclusion of quality standards and/or guide the development of new online courses.
  • Provide opportunities for faculty to become QM Peer Reviewers. This will provide faculty reviewers the knowledge and skills to collaborate with other faculty to improve their online courses.


If you have any questions about Quality Matters or would like to inquire about becoming a QM Peer Reviewer, please contact our QM Coordinator.

  • Karen K. Shader, PhD – Associate Director Teaching & Learning Center,

In addition, we will continue the initiatives implemented

Read about our prior "year of" initiatives.


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