Camtasia Relay: Creating and Uploading Screen Recordings

This tutorial will provide information on using Camtasia Relay to create and upload screen recordings to UTHSC TV.

Getting Started

To begin using Camtasia Relay, click on the Camtasia Relay icon located on the desktop of your computer or click the Start button and select Camtasia Relay from the list of available programs.

Logging In

Login to Camtasia Relay as a Presenter using your UTHSC NetID and password.

Recording Window

After logging into Camtasia Relay, you will be directed to the Recording Window.

Selecting the Profile

Two profile options are available for screen recordings. Selecting the HML option will upload the completed recording directly to UTHSC TV. Selecting the Upload and Decide Later option will store the recording within your Camtasia Relay account.

Title and Description

Be sure to provide a title and brief description for the screen recording.

Audio Input Level

The audio input level can be set to automatically adjust during the recording by clicking the Auto icon.


Click the blue Test button to record a test clip. The test recording will be deleted once it has been viewed and cannot be uploaded to UTHSC TV or saved within Camtasia Relay.


Click the red Rec button to create a screen recording which can be uploaded to UTHSC TV or saved within Camtasia Relay.


Once recording has begun, you will have the ability to do the following:

  1. Adjust the volume
  2. Pause the recording
  3. End the recording

Previewing Recording

The recording can be previewed before uploading to UTHSC TV or saving within Camtasia Relay. Use the Play, Skip Back, and Skip Forward buttons to preview the clip.

Editing Recording

Click the Trimming button to remove unneeded portions from the beginning or end of the recording.

Editing Recording

Set the playback marker to the desired location within the recording and click the Presentation Start or Presentation End option. This will edit out portions from the beginning or end of the recording that are not needed. Selecting the red X will cancel the editing/trimming process.

Delete Recording

If you do not wish to upload the recording, click the Discard button to delete the clip.

Uploading Recording

Click the Submit button in order to upload the recording to either UTHSC TV or Camtasia Relay.

Uploading Recording

You will receive a confirmation that the recording has been submitted for upload to the selected location.

Viewing Uploaded Video

To view the uploaded video in UTHSC TV, go to and click the UTHSC TV Login link.

Viewing Uploaded Video

Click the Login button located near the top, right corner of the page.

Viewing Uploaded Video

Log in to UTHSC TV using your UTHSC NetID and password.

Viewing Uploaded Video

The uploaded video is located in the Camtasia Relay Content category. Click the category name to view all of the videos located within the category.

Viewing Uploaded Video

Click the title of the video you would like to view.

Viewing Uploaded Video

Options are provided which allow the video to be shared via direct link, embeded on a webpage, or downloaded directly to a computer.

Viewing Uploaded Video

If the screen recording was saved within Camtasia Relay, login at using your UTHSC NetID and password in order to view the recording or upload the recording to UTHSC TV.

For Additional Information or Assistance with Camtasia Relay:

Please visit and click the About Camtasia Relay option located in the menu on the left side of the page or email the UTHSC TV support team at