Qualtrics at UTHSC

Qualtrics is a web-based survey service available for use by all UTHSC faculty, staff and students. The UTHSC Qualtrics Survey Service allows the campus community to easily create surveys, collect and store data, and produce reports.

Qualtrics was selected by UT System because it combines exceptional ease of use with an advanced set of features. The New Qualtrics Platform offers the following features:

  1. An at-a-glance project metrics, such as estimated response time and 12-day response trend
  2. A distribution summary, which shows an interactive history of all the responses you've collected for your project
  3. Response Tagging, allowing you to add information to your responses after they’ve been recordedintegrated graphics and statistical tools
  4. New suite of customizable, interactive visualizations to display your data
  5. Item type bar, allowing you to easily view just your contact lists or just your samples
  6. Nestable drag & drop folders and library elements


The Qualtrics Survey Platform, will enable you to construct surveys, distribute them to your respondents, report the results, and more. Whether your project is ongoing or one-off, marketing or academic - all insights are easy to gather.



If you would like to use this tool for administrative and research purposes, please contact the helpdesk at 901-448-2222 or helpdesk@uthsc.edu



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Usage Disclaimer

By using the Qualtrics application you agree that you will not violate UTHSC's policies and procedures related to the Use of Information Technology Resources, Intellectual Property, Copyright, HIPAA, and FERPA.