What is ProctorU?

ProctorU is a live online proctoring service for test takers taking exams online. The proctors use a three-step process to replicate the face-to-face proctoring experience over the internet. ProctorU service connects the test taker to a real person who they can see and hear. Through this process, the proctors can see the test taker, see what they are doing, and know who they are monitoring. ProctorU provides the proctors, the technical support, the scheduling, the customer service, and the setup.

How will students us the service?

Test takers will have the ability to schedule appointments online in the time frame that the faculty specifies. The appointments to have the exam proctored are available seven days a week. The test taker signs up, makes an appointment, and returns to the ProctorU site at the time of their exam. At that point, the test taker will be connected with a live person from one of the proctoring centers.

How will the service help with Academic Integrity?

To ensure that ProctorU is interacting with the right student as well as ensuring academic integrity, ProctorU offers the institution an online student verification process based on the school’s ID card.

How will ProctorU establish student identity?

The layered authentication process helps establish identity:

  • Via a webcam, a live proctor sees the user, checks their ID and takes their photo to keep on file.
  • Using techniques based on industry leading fraud protection and banking standards, the user answers challenge questions to validate their identity.
  • Sophisticated keystroke analysis software creates a profile for the user.

What are the Technical Requirements?

Please see the technical requirements listed below:

  • A reliable computer running Windows XP (or higher) or Mac OS X 10 (or higher).
  • A web cam with 640x480 video pixel resolution or higher.
  • Headphones or working speakers connected to the computer.
  • A working microphone connected to the computer.  A web cam with a built in microphone is recommended.
  • A web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed. Flash Player 10 is recommended.
  • A reliable, high-speed Internet connection.
  • The ability to allow video-and screen-sharing connections to the computer used to take an exam.

How will students take an Exam?

Test-takers can take exams on demand or by appointment. All appointments should be made at least 72 hours in advance. To make an appointment, test-takers create an account at use their institution’s ProctorU web portal.

Test-takers log in, click on the Schedule New Exam link and select an exam, date and time desired. The test-taker receives an email confirming their reservation at the email address they provided to ProctorU.

How will the Proctor monitor the Exam?

Screen-sharing technology allows the proctor to see everything that is happening on an test-taker’s computer. Proctors also monitor the test-taker audibly, to ensure they are not receiving verbal answers from an outside source.

During the exam, the proctors pause their video and audio so the test-taker is not disturbed, but continue to monitor the test-taker.

ProctorU engages test-takers in real time to prevent breaches of academic integrity.
Any suspicious activity – including but not limited to using unapproved sources, leaving the computer during the exam or communicating with another person – is documented using photos or video and reported to the institution within two business days.

Once the exam has been completed, the test-taker shows the proctor their submission screen, and the exam end time is logged.


Faculty for more information on how to set up an account, create an exam, and monitor exams visit the Faculty page.

Students for more information on preparing for an exam, scheduling an exam, or taking an exam visit the Students page.

Additional resources may be found on the ProctorU help page.



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