ExamSoft Testing Software

The ExamSoft suite of software and services supports the entire testing process including exam design, administration, delivery and analysis. It delivers truly flexible, secure, end-to-end testing solutions. It has the ability to deliver exams in a classroom, lecture hall or lab.

The ExamSoft Suite consists of software applications:

  • Exam Creation, Scoring, and Analysis: ExamSoft's Web Interface
  • Exam Delivery: SofTest

ExamSoft offers a distinct advantage over other testing software competitors by taking extensive steps to track, store and backup exam-taker answer activity. This activity logging provides an extra level of insurance for all key stakeholders.



Examination software that enables exam takers to use any computer with a reliable Internet connection to take their exams.

Faculty and Staff

ExamSoft's Web Interface

The web interface is collaborative online tool for question authoring, exam creation, and test distribution. The application has a grading and analysis module that enables instantaneous auto-scoring of objective and essay question responses.

ExamSoft Contacts

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