Turning Technologies is UTHSC’s official student response system. Students actively participate in class activities by submitting responses through devices known as clickers.

Not all UTHSC students use clickers. If you are enrolled in a program utilizing the Turning Technologies student response system, your program will communicate the need to purchase these devices. If your program decides to use Clickers, the clicker bundle (device and license) is available for purchase at the Volshop on campus at

930 Madison Ave.
Plaza Level
Memphis, TN 38163

What must students do prior to the start of class?

How will the TurningPoint 8 update impact students?

  • Students can continue to use or purchase the current campus clicker (RFLCD device) and license to respond to multiple choice questions.
  • If faculty choose to use other question types, students can use web enabled devices.
ResponseWare Devices

The ResponseCard RF LCD clicker is the official UTHSC audience response device. It is designed so that participants receive visual confirmation of input. The LCD screen displays response selected, channel setting and battery life.

The ResponseCard is the size of a credit card, and provides the features and functionality required to ensure selections are accurate, timely and effortlessly transmitted to the presenter's receiver. Its lightweight, rugged and durable enclosure allows it to be easily transported from room to room or around the globe for optimum portability.

Steps Required to Participate

  1. Set the Channel: Prior to the start of the session, set the channel on your device. The receiver channel may be displayed in the room or on the presenter’s slides.
    • Press and release the channel button.
    • While the light is flashing red and green, enter the 2-digit channel for the room.
    • After the second digit is entered, press and release the button.
  2. Participate: Use the keypad on your clicker to response to questions, take quizzes, and participate in polls.

NOTE: Clickers are set to Channel 41 by default.

LED Color Description

  • Red - Response was not received
  • Green - Response was received
  • Yellow (Multiple Flash) - Sending
  • Yellow (Single Flash) - Polling not open

ResponseWare is a mobile solution and can be used with any web-enabled device such as a smart phone, tablet or computer. It allows participants to view and respond to interactive questions. Students will be able to respond to multiple choice, multiple answer, alphanumeric short answer and essay questions. ResponseWare can be easily opened in a web browser or the app can be downloaded on smart phones and tablets for Android and iOS devices.

Responding with ResponseWare

  1. Enter into web browser
  2. Select Sign In on upper right corner, then login using your Turning Account email and password
  3. Enter in the session ID that your instructor gives you in class (ID will be different each class period)
  4. Select Join Session
  5. Once your instructor opens a question, answer the question by selecting your desired answer. You may change your answer by selecting a different answer choice as long as the question has not been closed by the instructor.
  6. Select Leave to leave session once you’re done answering all possible questions, then quit out of the web browser.

Click here to access several Quick Start guides on how to use on either PC or MAC operating systems.

Note – When using ResponseWare, you have to make sure that the device that you plan on using meets the requirements for everything to function properly.  For additional information regarding ResponseWare Web-Enabled Polling Specifications, go to and click on TECH SPECS.

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