Turning Technologies (Clickers)


Overview of TurningPoint

TurningPoint is an easy-to-use engagement and assessment solution that allows students to participate in real-time using Clickers. A variety of interactive polling options are available such as PowerPoint, Anywhere, Self-Paced and Web to meet the unique needs of each and every instructor.

Instructors will be able to gather data quickly to track attendance, assess understanding, and identify learners struggling with material in order to facilitate early interventions. Instructors can also analyze data by demographic, question, individual or aggregated over time which can all be easily exportable into reports for convenient, further analysis.

In addition to the Clickers (RFLCD), students have the option of using ResponseWare. The ResponseWare is a mobile solution and can be used with any web-enabled device and allows participants to view and respond to interactive questions. Students will be able to respond to multiple choice, multiple answer, alphanumeric short answer and essay questions. This is done by the use of a smart phone, tablet or computer.

Getting Ready for the New Term

Create your Participant lists (Blackboard Instructions | CORE Instructions)

  1. Create a Turning Account
  2. Download/Update TurningPoint on your computer (PC Instructions | Mac Instructions)
  3. Create your Participant lists (Blackboard Instructions | CORE Instructions)

What must students do prior to the start of class?

  1. Purchase a clicker device which includes a license (aka Bundle).
  2. Create a Turning Account. (Blackboard Users | Core Users)

For Training and Support

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