Door Prize Winners

  • Lunch with Chancellor Steve Schwab: Stephanie Nikbakht
  • Lunch with Vice Chancellor of Finance, Tony Ferrara: David Hamilton
  • Lunch with Vice Chancellor of Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs (AFSA), Lori Gonzalez: Caroline Fan
  • Lunch with Vice Chancellor of Research, Steve Goodman: Sharon McDonough
  • Lunch with Vice Chancellor of Health Affairs and Dean of Medicine, David Stern: George Cook
  • Lunch with Dean of Dentistry, Tim Hottel:  Zeb Mathews
  • Lunch with Dean of Graduate Health Sciences, Don Thomason: Kunal Singhal
  • Lunch with Dean of Nursing, Wendy Likes: Margaret Hartig
  • Lunch with Dean of Pharmacy, Marie Chisolm-Burns:  Kirk Hevener
  • Campus Walking Tour with Executive Vice Chancellor Ken Brown: Ansley Stanfill
  • Softfolio Leather Folio: Linda Pifer
  • Brooks Museum Family Membership: Gabrielle Jackson
  • Metal Museum Family Passes: Lekha George
  • Bonefish Grill Gift Certificate: Tom Korioth
  • Bonefish Grill Gift Certificate: George Maish
  • Multi-Restaurant Gift Certificate: Susan Jacob 
  • Apple Store Gift Certificate: Kendal Booker 
  • Applebee's Gift Card: Rajiv Dhand
  • Cracker Barrel Gift Certificate: Sajeesh Kumar
  • Cracker Barrel Gift Certificate: Susan Senogles 
  • StoryPeople Calendar: Judy Clifft 
  • Book, First you have to row a little boat: Ilana Graetz 
  • UTHSC Tumbler: Yanhui Zhang 
  • UTHSC Tumbler: Trevor Sweatman 
  • UTHSC Tumbler: Marion Hare 
  • UTHSC Tumbler: Duane Schafer 
  • UTHSC Tumbler: Robert Wilson 
  • UTHSC Tumbler: Demetria Davis 
  • UTHSC Tumbler: Kimberly Carter 
  • UTHSC Tumbler: Alise Farrell 
  • UTHSC Tumbler: Carolyn Graff 
  • UTHSC Tumbler: Mark Miller 
  • UT Research Foundation (UTRF) Mug: Richard Helms 
  • UTHSC Watch: Cameron Kaplan 
  • UTHSC Watch: Ramesh Narayanan 
  • UTHSC Watch: Anita Settles-Seymour 
  • UTHSC Paperweight: Wes Williamson 
  • UTHSC Paperweight: Alejandro Dopico
  • UTHSC Paperweight: Sandeep Chilakala

Survey Respondant Winner

  • Crate & Barrel Gift Card: Sam Maceri

The following individuals and units donated door prizes:

  • Campus administration: Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, and Deans
  • Academic, Faculty & Student Affairs: Lori Gonzalez, Cindy Russell
  • Communications & Marketing: Sally Badoud
  • Teaching and Learning Center: Dwayne Butcher
  • University of Tennessee Research Foundation: Richard Magid

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