Faculty Promotion and Tenure

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please follow the dates on the Faculty Evaluation Calendar.

2018 UTHSC Promotion and Tenure Session - Slide link | Handout link | MediaSite link | Zoom link

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Tenure Track Changes

Transfers between tracks (tenure track, non-tenure track) may be permitted per the UTHSC Faculty Handbook. Sections 4.9.2 and 5.2 provide guidance to faculty members, chairs, and deans as to such a request.

To process requests for transfers from tenure track to non-tenure track, please use the provided template, located here.

Tenure Calculation Aid - click here for our current tenure calculation chart

Typically, a faculty member on tenure track serves a probationary period prior to being considered for tenure (the exception is tenure upon initial appointment). In keeping with the UT Board of Trustees policy, the probationary period at UTHSC is six years. The faculty member will apply for tenure during the sixth year, and if tenure is not granted, the faculty member will be permitted to serve a seventh year as a terminal year.

Review the current tenure calculation chart for date calculations for:

  • Required six year probationary period for tenure
  • Requirements for early consideration for tenure before the sixth year of the probationary period

Need to review the old tenure calculation chart?

Questions about calculating tenure review dates? Contact one of the individuals listed below (in the Office of Academic, Faculty & Student Affairs) for assistance!

Lisa Zeigler, Logistics Coordinator

Shannetta Morton, Accreditation Coordinator

Kiela Person, Administrative Coordinator