Shannon W. Finks, Pharm.D., FCCP, BCPS, BCCP, AHSCP-CHC

Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Translational Science

MEMPHIS TN 381632198
Tel: (901) 448-3701


  • Pharm.D., University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy, Pharmacy

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Clinical Care Specialty/Interest

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Cardiology

Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Memphis, Tennessee

American Heart Association Instructor Status

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor

     Certified by the American Heart Association,  2001 to present

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider

     Certified by the American Heart Association,  1999 to present

American Heart Association Healthcare Instructor

     Certified by the American Heart Association,  2007 to present

American Heart Association Healthcare Provider

     Certified by the American Heart Association,  1997 to present

Honors and Awards

SGAEC Excellence in Teaching Award, UTHSC College of Pharmacy, 2018

Cardiology PRN Mentorship Award, American College of Clinical Pharmacy, 2017

University of Tennessee Alumni Association Outstanding Teacher Award, 2012

Most Influential Professor Award, given by the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy Class of 2012, 2010

National Faculty for the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) Pharmacotherapy and Cardiology Prep Courses, Last Chance Webinars, and Updates to the Updates series in Cardiology 

Board Certifications

Board Certified Cardiology Pharmacist (BCCP) 

Certified by the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties in 2018

Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS)

Certified by the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties in 2000

Recertification in 2007 and 2014

Added Qualifications in Cardiology (AQ Cardiology) 

Granted by the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties in 2006

Credentials renewed and granted in 2013 (replaced by BCCP in 2018)

Research Interest/Specialty

Cardiovascular pharmacology, antiplatelets, anticoagulants, hypertension, primary prevention, acute coronary syndrome, heart failure, integrated examination 


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