Syamal K. Bhattacharya, BSc (Honors), BA, MS, AM, PhD, CLD

Professor of Medicine, Surgery, Neurology and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Executive Director, NIH-Sponsored Medical Students Research Program
Executive Course Director, COM Longitudinal Scholars' Project Program

MEMPHIS TN 381632116
Tel: (901) 448-5676

Research Interest: Basic, Clinical and Translational

Dr. Bhattacharya’s investigative domain spanning over three and a half decades remains focused on the membrane-mediated Ca2+-induced cellular degeneration in cardiovascular and neuromuscular diseases, both in humans and animals, with a special emphasis on its molecular pathogenesis and therapeutic strategies in the regulation of excessive intracellular calcium accumulation (EICA), cellular energetics and cell death. Aspects of related intracellular key events that transpire in degenerating cardiac and skeletal myofibers, such as elevation in myoplasmic free [Ca2+]i and mitochondrial (Mit) pathophysiology with Ca2+ overloading and Mit permeability transition pore (mPTP) opening; loss of sarcolemmal Dystrophin and Glycoproteins producing the D-G complex instability; dysregulation of L-type slow Ca2+-channels with reduced Ca2+ pumping out of the cells and their Mit; Na+/Ca2+ exchanger and sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) gene expressions; structural and functional impairments of myofibers and Mit; as well as light microscopic and ultrastructural aberrations, are also of considerable interest.

With physical and nuclear chemistry background his initial research targets were: 1) Application of atomic spectroscopy (AAS) in clinical medicine; 2) Role of PTH in the genesis of EICA, antecedent to adverse myocardial remodeling with necrosis and reparative fibrosis, in hereditary muscular dystrophy (HMD); 3) Develop the concept of EICA which he believed fundamental to life, although transient with varying intensity in health and progressive with loss of myofibers in disease; 4) Role of mitochondriocentric signal-transduction-effector (MSTE) pathway in cellular/subcellular injuries leading to early molecular defects and systemic sequelae with EICA in neuromuscular/ cardiovascular disorders; and 5) Clinical nutrition and trace mineral metabolism in patients with morbid obesity, chronic metabolic syndrome, solid organ failure and transplantation, burns and trauma, and those receiving TPN.

Using molecular biological approaches and in vivo and in vitro myogenic cell culture systems of CHF-146 and BIO-14.6 dystrophic hamsters (DH), the roles of inherent perturbations in subsarcolemmal structural proteins (dystrophin, alpha-, beta-, gamma- & delta-sarcoglycans, and utrophin) with consequent EICA have been explored to unravel the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of HMD. Pharmacologic mitigation of EICA in HMD with cardiomyopathy has been optimized in vivo, as well as in dystrophic myoblasts and myotubes, by regulating the sarcolemmal L-type Ca2+-channels and intracellular Ca2+-pumps using slow Ca2+-channel blockers, antioxidants and membrane stabilizers. In vitro studies in myogenic cells of Duchenne muscular dystrophic (DMD) origin and those from analogous animal models were pursued to gain deeper understanding of the crucial molecular cascades responsible for genetically induced progressive muscle degeneration in several HMD, such as DMD, Baker (BMD), limb-girdle (LGMD), fascioscapulohumeral (FSHMD), as well as the severe childhood autosomal recessive (SCARMD) muscular dystrophies, which heretofore remain without effective treatments and obscure for cure.

During 1979-2003, extensive therapeutic trials in HMD were carried out in his labs using a variety of pharmacologic agents to slow dystrophic pathobiology and lengthen the shorter life span. On the premise of provocative findings of multiple salutary effects of diltiazem, a Ca2+-channel blocker, in DH with HMD and cardiomyopathy (J Clin Invest, 68:646-654, 1981; Muscle & Nerve, 5:73-78, 1982; ibid., 10:168-176, 1987; Exp Neurol, 95:265-276, 1987; J Neurol Sci, 115:76-90, 1993; ibid., 120:180-186, 1993; Mol Chem Neuropathol, 31:187-206, 1997; ibid., 34:53-77, 1998; and Mol Cell Biochem, 238:119-127, 2002), a long-term, placebo-controlled clinical trial of Ca2+-channel blockers is being contemplated in very young boys with DMD. Thus far, Dr. Bhattacharya’s ground breaking work prompted several clinical trials of diltiazem in DMD at UTHSC, Memphis; Universities of Padua and Milano, Italy; Univ of Freiberg, Germany; and Univ of Vienna, Austria.

Ongoing and recent work are: 1) Severity of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in DBA/2J transgenic mice recapitulating congenital heart disease; 2) Molecular mechanisms of concerted intracellular Ca2+ and Zn2+ translocations to injured tissues following ischemia-reperfusion, and in chronic aldosteronism and hypertensive heart disease (HHD) with neurohormonal activation that eventuate in an immunostimulatory state with a vascular phenotype involving coronary and systemic vasculatures; 3) Mechanism and regulation of adverse myocardial remodeling with EICA and associated pathobiology following infarction, and in congestive heart failure (CHF) by aldosterone receptor blockers, Ca2+-channel blockers, antioxidants and by blocking selective sites on the MSTE pathway; 4) Intrinsically coupled Ca2+/Zn2+ dyshomeostasis-linked secondary hyperparathyroidism, PTH-mediated EICA and hypovitaminosis-D in African-Americans with CHF and HHD; 5) Role of novel vitamin-D synthetic analogues with antifibrotic activity and their therapeutic potentials in autoimmune arthritis; and 6) Mitochondria-targeted cardioprotective strategies with: i) Carvedilol (a Mit Ca2+ uniporter inhibitor); ii) Cyclosporine-A (mPTP inhibitor); iii) Quercetin (Mit-specific antioxidant); and iv) Nebivolol (a dual beta-1 antagonist with novel beta-3 agonistic properties) in CHF, HHD, as well as in other acute & chronic stressor states.

Biographical Information

Dr. Bhattacharya came to UTHSC in 1979, where he is a tenured Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), and holds joint appointments as a Professor of Surgery, Neurology and Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has been the Founding Director of the Chemistry and Nutrient Data Output Laboratory (1982), Director of the Surgical Research Laboratory (1982-2003), Executive Director of the NIH-Sponsored Medical Students Research Fellowship (MSRF) Program, and Executive Director of the COM Longitudinal Scholar''s Project (LSP) Program. Dr. Bhattacharya provided extensive patient care service to 16 local, regional and national hospitals during 1982-2003, as a provider and consultant in special chemistry (trace minerals/vitamins/ELISA-based assays) and surgical pathology. He is an Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the U of Memphis, and served as an Adjunct Professor of Surgery (1988-98) at New York Medical College, Associate Professor of Anatomy & Neurobiology (1988-97) at the UTHSC, and R & D Chemist in Bombay (1970-74). Dr. Bhattacharya earned his BSc Honors degree in chemistry and BA (Special) in English from the U of Calcutta, MS in physical chemistry from Murray State U, AM in nuclear chemistry from Washington U in St. Louis, and PhD in chemistry, with a keen focus on the application of Atomic Absorption Sectroscopy (AAS) in clinical medicine, from the U of Memphis. He was a recipient of National Merit Scholarship from the Indian Ministry of Education, and National Research Service Award from the NIH/NIAMS for his work in neuromuscular disease. Dr. Bhattacharya spent sabbaticals as a Visiting Scholar in Neonatology at Washington U School of Medicine and St. Louis Children''s Hospital (1976-77) where he established the AAS Lab & published his first paper solo on ultramicro Ca and Mg assay from hill-stick neonatal serum; Visiting Scholar in Cardiothoracic Surgery at Yale in 1985; Visiting Professor of Physiology at UCLA in 1986; Visiting Professor of Pediatric Surgery at Johns Hopkins in 1987; and Visiting Professor of Molecular Mediciine at the Bose Institute, Calcutta, in 1999 and 2001. Dr. Bhattacharya served on the Board of Directors of the National Certification Commission in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (1983-95), Board of Directors and as Vice-President and President of the National Registry in Clinical Chemistry (1991-2000), both are credentialing bodies in the USA and Canada; Pathology-A Study Section at the NIH (1993-96); and Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Research Fellowships National Review Panel since 2010. He was inducted into the AOA Medical Honors Society as a Professor of Medicine-Cardiology, Surgery and Neurology. Dr. Bhattacharya’s research has been funded uninterruptedly since 1979 by numerous agencies, including NIH (NIAMS, NHLBI, NIDDK & NCI), MDA, AHA and Varian Techtron, Australia. Among his varied academic responsibilities, the most gratifying endeavor has been mentoring. He had fortuity of mentoring more than 110 graduate & medical students, residents, postdoctoral and clinical fellows, as well as junior faculty members. It is amazinng that many of his trainees have distinguished themselves by being sought-after and outstanding clinicians, researchers, educators and mentors.


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