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  • Board Cert., American Board of Internal Medicine, Geriatrics
  • PostDoc, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Geriatrics
  • Board Cert., American Board of Internal Medicine, Medicine
  • PostDoc, University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, Internal Medicine
  • M.D., State University of New York at Buffalo, Medicine
  • B.A., Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, Chemistry, Biology

My Current CV

Research Interest/Specialty

Dr. Burns is interested in the organization of health care delivery systems and improving their access and quality, particularly for older patients. He is interested in financing and outcomes of housing options for older persons, and in keeping older persons in the community. His primary research focuses on primary care and home based behavioral interventions and technology interventions for Alzheimer’s caregivers and patients and is designed to teach caregivers to manage difficult patient behaviors and reduce their own burden. 

Clinical Care Specialty/Interest


Methodist University Hospital
            Active Staff, 10/05 to present
St. Francis Hospital
            Director, Acute Care Geriatric Unit, 2011 to 2015
Regional Medical Center
            Active Staff, 10/99 to 2009
Medical Director, Geriatrics and the Memphis/Shelby County Integrated Delivery Network, 1999-2004
            Medical Director, Wound Care Mobile Van, 1/04 to 2009
U.T. Bowld Hospital
            Active Staff, 7/87 to 6/03
            Consulting Staff, 6/03 to 6/04
St. Joseph Hospital
            Active Staff, 7/97-10/99
Veterans Affairs Medical Center
            Associate Chief of Geriatrics and Extended Care, 5/90-7/97
            Staff Physician, 7/88-7/97
Kennington Pointe, Medical Director, 4/12 to present
Methodist Signature, Medical Director, 2013 to present
St. Peter’s Villa, Medical Director, 7/97 to present
Memphis Jewish Home, Medical Director, 5/00 to present
Ave Maria Nursing Home, Attending Physician
Highlands of Memphis Skilled Nursing Facility, Medical Director, 5/15 to present
Crossroads Hospice, Medical Director, January 1998 to present
Geriatrics Group of Memphis, President, 10/04 - present
Med Senior Connection, Medical Director, Regional Medical Center, 10/99-9/04
MedWise Center, Medical Director, St. Joseph Hospital, 7/97-10/99
University of Tennessee Medical Group, Internal Medicine, 7/87-6/88, 10/94- 12/96

Research Keywords

Geriatrics, dementia, caregiving, health care organization

Research Description

Funding/ Period
Reintegration: The Role of Spouse Telephone BATTLEMIND pilot project
DoD CDMRP 10/08-9/11
Spouse READI - Telephone support for Reintegration randomized clinical trial
Army MOMRP 9/09-8/13
Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial Memory and Cognition IN Decreased Hypertension Substudy
NHLBI 09/09- 08/18
Telephone Support During Deployment for OEF/OIF Spouses. 
Army MOMRP 4/11-4/15


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