Assistant Professor

MEMPHIS TN 381632113
Tel: (901) 448-3019


  • Staff fellow, NIH/NINDS, Bethesda, MD, Neuroscience
  • Research Associate, Northwestern University Chicago, IL, Neuroscience
  • Postdoctoral fellow, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL, Neuroscience
  • Ph.D., IITR Lucknow/Dr. RML Avadh University, India, Biochemistry
  • M.S., Dr. RML Avadh University, India, Biochemistry

Research Description

Major projects

1) Alcohol‐induced gut barrier dysfunction and its prevention. 

2) The effect of ethanol on azoxymethane and dextran sulfate sodium (AOM+DSS)‐induced colonic tumorigenesis. 

3) Radiation‐induced barrier dysfunction and its mitigation by various pharmacological agents.

Research Keywords

 Alcohol, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Ionization Radiation, Oxidative Stress, Gut Brain Axis, Epigenetics, Chromatin Remodeling

Research Interest/Specialty

Alcohol''s Effects on Gut and Brain


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