LU LU, M.D., M.S.


Tel: (901) 448-7557

Research Interest/Specialty

The focus of my laboratory is on the examination of the role of genetics in a number of nervous system-related processes including the development of neuronal populations, the genetic underpinnings of neuroanatomical/structural features of the brain, the genetic control over responses to alcohol and stress, and more recently genetic basis of variation of gene expression. Also my lab is involved in producing collaborative resources for mouse genetics including new BXD strains, density genotypes, whole genome sequence of DBA/2J, and sets of gene expression data across BXD mice, and for experimental/translational models of human disease, including Alzheimer''s, glaucoma, addiction, and psychiatric disease. The types of studies conducted in my lab range from a more global perspective in identifying relevant regions of the genome that control phenotypic differences among genetically distinct organisms to more targeted research where the role of specific genes is evaluated. In these studies, I use a combination of molecular biological, behavioral, morphological and bioinformatic methods, and genetics and system biology strategy. In the past, the goal of genetic research was to identify the critical gene involved in special phenotype. However, it has become clear that individual gene does not work in isolation but in combination with other genes necessitating the identification of the relevant gene networks. Thus, much of the work in my lab is focused on evaluating phenotypes with the ultimate goal of identifying the genetic networks that control each phenotype. More recently, I have begun to examine changes in microRNAs to more completely assess the genetic networks that underlie these complex processes.


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