Associate Professor
Pharmaceutical Sciences

MEMPHIS TN 381632198
Tel: (901) 448-7157

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Research/Scholarly Activities

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o   Honors (2014)
“Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi (Non-resident Indian (NRI)) Samman (Honor)”, New Delhi, India
“Teacher of the Year Award” runner up from the class of 2016, School of Pharmacy, UMKC
·         Education/Training/Employment
BS: Chemistry honors, Delhi University
MS: Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay
PhD: Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay
PDF: Biochemistry and Cell Biology, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Research Instructor and Research Assistant Professor: Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Texas Medical Branch
Assistant Professor: Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Research/Scholarly Activities
H-index - 19
·         Research/Scholarly Activities Profile
o   Research Interest/Specialty: Effect of substance abuse in HIV-infected individuals, Role of cytochrome P450 in drug metabolism and drug-drug interaction
o   Research Keywords: HIV, alcohol, smoking, cytochrome P450, drug metabolism, drug interaction, oxidative stress
o   Research Description: Dr. Kumar research interest includes “Effect of alcohol and tobacco consumptions on HIV-1 and antiretroviral therapy”. His research is funded by the National Institute of Health. Alcohol drinking and tobacco smoking are highly prevalent in HIV-1-infected populations. These substances are known to enhance HIV-1 replication and decrease response to antiretroviral therapy. However, the mechanism by which these occur is not known. The hypothesis is that the alcohol and tobacco-mediated effects occur through cytochrome P450 and oxidative stress pathways. Dr. Kumar’s team uses in vitro as well as ex vivo (clinical samples) to test the hypothesis. The research has potential to develop novel interventions and help adjust drugs dose regimen for HIV-infected drinkers and smokers.