Assistant Professor
Fellowship trained in Pediatric Otolaryngology

Interests: Pediatric Airway, Airway Reconstruction, Swallowing Disorders, Ear & Microtia Reconstruction

LeBonheur Children's Hospital
St. Jude Research Hospital

Office: 430 910 MADISON BUILDING
Tel: (901) 448-5886

Bio Statement

Dr. Jennifer McLevy is a board certified otolaryngologist who subspecializes in Pediatric Otolaryngology.  After achieving her medical degree at New York Medical College, she received her otolaryngology residency training at the University of California, Davis.  Dr. McLevy then completed a two year fellowship in pediatric otolaryngology at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. McLevy focuses on pediatric otolaryngology and, in particular, difficult airways, pediatric trauma care, and craniofacial abnormalities.  She operates predominantly at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.  Dr. McLevy also operates at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where she assists in the management of otolaryngology pathology in pediatric cancer patients.  

As a member of the Otolaryngology Department of the University of Tennessee, Dr. McLevy is active in medical student and resident teaching. She participates in daily clinical training, has assisted in teaching head and neck exams to first year medical students, and is heading the otolaryngology journal club. Dr. McLevy is currently submitting the application for a pediatric otolaryngology fellowship at the University of Tennessee.

Clinical care specialist/interest

Difficult airways – management of stridor, laryngomalacia, and subglottic stenosis

Head and neck trauma – care of facial lacerations, fractures, and airway concerns

Craniofacial abnormalities – management of hearing loss, dysphagia, and airway compromise

Congenital neck masses – diagnosis and resection

Medical missions

Office Contact


910 Madison Avenue, Suite 406

Memphis, TN 38163

Tel: 901-448-5886

Fax: 901-448-5120



Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

777 Washington Avenue, Suite 110

Memphis, Tennessee 38105-4599

Tel: 901-287-4400

Fax: 901-287-5047



7945 Wolf River Boulevard, Suite 220

Germantown, Tennessee 38138-1733

Tel: 901-347-8220

Fax: 901-347-8225

Research interest/specialty

Management of subglottic stenosis – balloon plasty & laryngotracheal reconstruction

Inter-relationship between stridor, laryngomalacia, & gastroesophageal reflux

Pediatric facial skeleton trauma – methods of fixation

Speech and swallowing function in cleft patients

Middle ear effusion and eustachian tube dysfunction

Research keywords

Maxillofacial reconstruction

Eustachian tube obstruction model

Aspiration, supraglottoplasty, laryngomalacia

Publications and presentations

1. Pham, AM, McLevy, JD, Strong, EB. Computer Modeling in Maxillofacial Reconstruction. Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, Volume 133, Issue 2, Pages P248-P249.

2. McLevy, JD, Tinling, SP., Senders, CW. Tonsillectomy Technique and Degree of Thermal Injury. Poster Presentation; COSM, May 2008.

3. McLevy, JD, Silva, RC, Mandell, DL, Simons, JP, Haibeck, LE, Mehta, D. Use of Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing in the Management of Phagophobia in Children.  Podium Presentation; SENTAC, December 2008.

4. McLevy JD, Li-Korotky HS, Cullen-Doyle A, Lo CY, Yuksel S, Dohar JE, Hebda PA. Monocyte Chemotactic Protein-1 Deficiency Lowers Middle Ear Inflammation Susceptibility in Eustachian Tube Obstruction Model. Podium Presentation; ASPO at COSM, May 2010.


5. McLevy JD, Alper CM. Status of Aspiration Before and After Supraglottoplasty for Laryngomalacia.  Poster Presentation; ASPO at COSM, May 2010.