Assistant Professor
Clinical Pharmacy

Office: 193 POLK AVE
Tel: (615) 532-3403


  • Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, Social and Administrative Pharmacy
  • M.P.H., Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, Public Health
  • B.A., Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, Economics

Research Description

Research Interest/Specialty

My research focuses mainly on improving medication adherence in patients with chronic disease with a special interest in how mobile health techniques and tools may be applied during the treatment process. This includes examining both existing and emerging technologies that are mobile-based, those inclusive of sensors, and the exchange of information between patients and providers. I also have interest in using large databases to examine differences in outcomes and costs between similar therapies and how different cost mechanisms may impact ongoing medication use.

Research Keywords

mobile health, adherence, persistence, tailoring, value-based insurance design, health outcomes, cost analyses, pharmacy administration, database analyses, behavioral theory, health informatics, pharmacy services


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