John P. DeVincenzo, M.D.

Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Professor of Molecular Sciences, Microbiology, Immunology, and Biochemistry
Instructor, Biostatistics and Preventive Medicine
University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences.
Clinical Director: Methodist/Le Bonheur Hospitals Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory
Clinical Director: Methodist/Le Bonheur Hospitals Clinical Virology Laboratory

MEMPHIS TN 381032893
Tel: (901) 287-6295

Narrative Biosketch

Dr DeVincenzo is a Professor of Pediatrics and Professor of Molecular Sciences, Microbiology, Immunology, and Biochemistry at the University of Tennessee School of Medicine. His research has focused on understanding the pathogenesis of Respiratory Syncytial virus directly in children and using this understanding to develop therapeutic and prevention strategies against this virus.  He is the author of over 140 original published abstracts and papers on this subject.  Dr. DeVincenzo’s research initially focused on the immunogenetics of RSV disease and the interplay between viral dynamics and RSV disease severity in infants.  Subsequently, his research focus shifted to apply this knowledge of RSV dynamics to the development of novel therapeutics for RSV.  The development of RNA interference-based therapeutics for RSV has taken recent priority.  For his groundbreaking proof of concept work applying RNA interference concepts to develop human therapeutics, Dr. DeVincenzo’s study was listed as one of the most influential papers in medicine in 2010 (American Society for Microbiology).  Dr DeVincenzo received his undergraduate degree in biology from Stanford University, and then attended Vanderbilt Medical School where he became interested in pediatric infectious diseases and earned his MD degree.  His internship and residency were completed at U.C.L.A Center for Health Sciences where he had the honor to work with Dr. Jim Cherry.  After finishing his pediatrics training, Dr. DeVincenzo studied tropical medicine at Walter Reed and practiced general medicine in Central Africa before starting formal training in Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.  During this time he completed a research fellowship at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute working with his mentor, George Siber, in developing passive antibody approaches for RSV treatment and prevention.  Dr. DeVincenzo has conducted numerous clinical trials in children defining the role of prevention and therapeutic applications of monoclonal antibodies targeting RSV in infants and the immune suppressed.  He runs an active academic laboratory studying RSV and has received numerous honors for his research including honorary induction into Alpha Omega Alpha National Medical Honor Society (2009), the Healthcare Heroes Award for innovation (2008), and the best advance in Therapy and Prevention of a Microbial Disease (ICAAC 2007). Dr. DeVincenzo is currently also the medical director of the University affiliated Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Virology Laboratory and the Methodist/Le Bonheur Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory. He is a practicing pediatric infectious disease specialist, lectures at the Medical School and is involved in award winning clinical teaching of medical students, residents, and fellows.


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