Harriet Van Vleet Professor and Chair
Foreign Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Member of the European Academy of Arts Letters and Science Paris

MEMPHIS TN 381630000
Tel: (901) 448-4978


  • Ph.D., Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest, Cellular Biochemistry
  • PostDoc, Laboratory of Cellular & Molecular Neurobiology, U. of California, Irvine, Cellular & Molecular neurobiology
  • Ph.D., Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest, Cellular Biochemistry
  • M.D., University Medical School of Pecs, Hungary, General Medicine
  • M.D., University Medical School of Pecs. Hungary, General Medicine
  • B.S., University Medical School of Pecs, Hungary, PreMedical Science
  • B.S., University Medical School of Pecs. Hungary, PreMedical Science

Research interest/specialty

LPA GPCR and PPARgamma receptors in neointima formation.

Research description

Dr. Tigyi's research is aimed at elucidating the structure and function as well as the signal transduction mechanism of a family of endogenous phospholipids with growth factor-like properties. Dr. Tigyi has shown that serum contains a set of lipid factors that are the major source of mitogenic stimuli present in serum. The best characterized member of this group of lipid mediators is lysophosphatidic acid (LPA). Dr. Tigyi's group has identified the PSP24 receptor gene for LPA and has determined the ligand binding pocket for the EDG family of sphingosine-1-phosphate receptors and LPA receptors. Dr. Tigyi's group has made pioneering contributions to the current understanding of the pharmacology of phospholipid growth factors.


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