Professor and Director
Bioscience Research

MEMPHIS TN 381033403
Tel: (901) 448-1490


  • PostDoc, UC San Diego, Mucosal Immunology
  • D.Sc., Boston University, Oral Biology
  • M.S.D., Boston University, Endodontics
  • Certificate, Boston University, Endodontics
  • D.D.S., Taipei Medical College, Dentistry

Curriculum Vitae

Research Keywords

Stem cell biology, regeneration

Research Description

Research Interest/Specialty

I have begun working on dental stem cells in early 2000. After many years of pioneering the new field – regenerative endodontics, our team was the first to show that dental stem cells can be utilized to regenerate dental pulp and dentin in an emptied root canal space in vivo (2009). My team was also the first to show that dental stem cells can be easily reprogrammed into induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells (2010). We also investigated the molecular biology of dental stem cells in the context of their applications for pulp regeneration evidenced in more recent publications, including their stemness and differentiation into odontoblast lineages. We have published a number of highly cited review papers retrospectively outlined the important progress in the field of pulp regeneration and prospectively discussed what remains to be investigated in order to launch stem cell-based pulp regeneration in humans. Furthermore, besides establishing a tooth fragment model using SCID mice to study pulp regeneration which has since been used by many researchers in the field, we also established a large animal model using mini-swine to investigate pulp and dentin tissue regeneration. In terms of publications, I have published (+ in press) close to 70 peer reviewed articles and 17 book chapters as well as co-edited with Dr. Irma Thesleff a ground breaking textbook “Stem cells in craniofacial development and regeneration” Wiley & Blackwell, 2013.


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