Associate Professor
Biostatistics & Epidemiology

Office: 633 Doctors Office Building
Tel: (901) 448-6461


  • Ph.D., Dept of Statistics, Stockholm University, Sweden, Statistics (2001)
  • M.S., Stockholm University, Sweden, Double major: Economics and Statistics (1995)


I am the co-investigator/biostatistician on several NIH funded studies and am course director of “Applied Survival Analysis” in the Master of Science in Epidemiology Program at the UTHSC College of Graduate Health Sciences.

I am a member of the Biostatistics Collaborative Core at the Southeast Regional Center of the NHLBI-funded Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study that has recruited over 160,000 women in over 40 clinical centers nationwide and am a member of the Design and Analysis Committee of the NIH-funded EARLY trials (Early Adult Reduction of weight through LifestYle intervention).

I have served as grant reviewer for the Department of Defense’s Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) and for the NIH Neurological, Aging and Musculoskeletal Epidemiology Study Section (NAME).  In addition, I serve as Vice President of the Western Tennessee Chapter of the American Statistical Association (WTASA) and I am Associate Editor of the Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation (JSCS).

Teaching Profile

Applied Survival Analysis in the Master of Science in Epidemiology Program at UTHSC College of Graduate Health Sciences (3 credit hours, spring 2010, fall 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014: BIOE 842).

The BioConductor software package: Guest lecture in the course Genetic Epidemiology directed by Dr. Krushkal (single lecture: 10/23/09, 11/12/10, 11/11/11; BIOE 824)

Application of Statistical Methods Using R Software in the Master of Science in Epidemiology Program at UTHSC College of Graduate Health Sciences (3 credit hours, spring 2009: BIOE 840 Special Topics‐Section 005 APP STAT METH R SFTWR).

Bayesian Approaches in Biostatistics in the Master of Science in Epidemiology Program at UTHSC College of Graduate Health Sciences (3 credit hours, spring 2008: BIOE 840 Special Topics‐Section 004 Bayesian Approaches in Biostatistics).

Independent Study “Understanding Sources of Bias in Observational Studies with Application to Data Regarding Hospitalized Patients with Severe Hypernatremia” in the Master’s in Epidemiology Program at UTHSC College of Graduate Health Sciences (2 credit hours, spring 2008).


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