Charles Ryan Yates, Pharm.D., Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical Sciences

MEMPHIS TN 381630000
Tel: (901) 448-4135


  • Ph.D., UTHSC College of Graduate Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Pharm.D., UT, College of Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy
  • B.S., UT, Knoxville, Biological Sciences

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Research Description

Growth factors, e.g., VEGF and IGF-1, are implicated in pathologic ocular neovascularization. Consequently, anti-VEGF delivered via intravitreal injection represents one of the most widely utilized approaches to treat age-related macular degeneration and diabetic macular edema. Concerns over chronic anti-VEGF treatment exist, however, due to the fact that VEGF is required for survival of endothelial cells of the choriocapillaries. Development of next generation therapeutics requires, not only identification of novel targets and associated signaling cascades, but also topical formulations for delivery of drug to the back of the eye. Our laboratory has discovered two platforms for modulating angiogenesis in the eye. The first is based on a chemical probe that disrupts the Src/FAK/paxillin signalsome upon VEGF stimulation. The second acts as a biased agonist of the IGF-1 receptor, which promotes cell survival by selectively activating the Akt signaling pathway. We have developed an ocular microemulsion drug delivery system, which has been used to demonstrate that topical application of either platform results in suppression of pathologic retinal neovascularization in the murine oxygen-induced retinopathy model. Current research is focused on elucidation of the structural biology of target/probe interactions using supercomputing, optimization of the ocular microemulsion to improve back of the eye delivery, and further characterization of the anti-angiogenic mechanisms of each platform.  

Research Interest/Specialty

Dr. Yates’ research interest is in drug discovery and development of small molecules that modulate pro-inflammatory signaling cascades associated with aberrant cellular proliferation and migration.

Research Keywords



Retinal Neovascularization




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