Assistant Professor
Fellowship trained in Head & Neck Surgical Oncology, Skull Base Surgery

Interests: Mucosal Malignancies of Head and Neck, Transoral Robotic Surgery, Salivary Neoplasms, Endocrine Surgery, Skull Base Surgery

Methodist University Hospital

Tel: (901) 272-6051


  • Subspecialty Certificate, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Head & Neck and Skull Base Surgery
  • Board Cert., University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery
  • B.S., Mississippi Southern College, Biology
  • B.S., Mississippi College, Biology

Research Interest/Specialty

 Dr. Shires has research experience dating back to an undergraduate level.  She has conducted and published a variety of studies, including cadaver-based surgical studies, animal studies, clinical and systems-based reviews.  Dr. Shires has authored a number of book chapters and was one of the most academically productive trainees while completing her residency at UTHSC.

Her current research interests mirror her clinical diversity:  In recent years she has completed studies addressing complexity of skull base surgery, alternative surgical approaches to the pharynx, and histological and behavioral outcomes of varying surgical techniques.  Dr. Shires is available to mentor medical students and otolaryngology residents in carrying out impactful research projects.


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