Associate Professor

Director, Retinal Degeneration & Ophthalmic Genetics Service
and Lions' Visual Function Diagnostic Laboratory

Tel: (901) 448-7831


  • Other, Fellow, American Board of Disability Analysts, Visual disability determinations
  • M.S., Univ. Tennessee CGHS, Dept. Preventive Medicine, Memphis, TN, Masters of Science in Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Epidemiology
  • PostDoc, University of Tennessee HSC, Department of Ophthalmology, Memphis, TN, Post-doctoral Clinical Research Fellowship, Pediatric retinal and optic nerve diseases
  • PostDoc, University of Pennsylvania, Scheie Eye Institute, Philadelphia, PA, Post-doctoral Clinical Research Fellowship, Visual psychophysics & electrophysiology; ocular blood flow
  • Other, Univ. La Sapienza, Inst. Ophthalmology, Rome, Italy, Residency, Ophthalmology
  • M.D., Univ. La Sapienza, School of Medicine, Rome, Italy, Medicine

Summer 2014 – Dr. Iannaccone publishes invited editorial on Lancet

Dr. Iannaccone was invited by Lancet to comment, alongside with Dr. Marco Zarbin, MD, PhD, FARVO, Professor and Chair of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School, on a recent Phase 1B clinical trial of a special form of retinal degeneration due to a specific enzymatic defect in the retina that reflects thing changing scenario. The editorial entitled, "A new era in medical therapy for retinal degenerative disease?", was published online by Lancet in July 2014. 

A detailed link to the relevance of this commentary to the rapidly changing scenario of treatments and cures for retinal degenerative diseases and some important caveats to interpreting correctly data from clinical trials can be found at:

2012 Research to Prevent Blindness Physician Scientist Award recipient

In 2012 I was selected to receive the RPB Physician Scientist Award, given yearly to MDs actively involved in research in recognition of the quality of their research -- in this case for my ongoing research on the role of autoimmunity in age-related macular degeneration.

Knowing how many great doctors have preceded me, it is a unique and humbling privilege to have been selected for such prestigious and unique award, and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to bring such distinguished recognition to UTHSC and to HEI for the first time in the Department''s history.

I have tremendously enjoyed RPB support earlier in my career with a Career Development Award, when I started developing my career as a Physician Scientist, and this Physician Scientist Award is playing just as much a critical role in my career advancement.  

Clinical Care Specialty/Interest

- Hereditary and degenerative retinal and optic nerve disorders, with special emphasis on rare and orphan diseases, including syndromic conditions with systemic involvement

- Autoimmune retinopathies and neuro-retinopathies (primary and secondary, incl. paraneoplastic)

- Toxic retinopathies/maculopathies (incl. Plaquenil maculopathy)

- Ophthalmic genetics

Research description

My clinical work and research are focused on macular and retinal degenerations, and on clinical, functional, and genetic studies of these conditions. In both my clinical work and my research, I extensively utilize visual psychophysics (interactive tests that require the collaboration of patients) and visual electrophysiology (the measurement of biological responses from the eye or the visual pathways of patients) to probe vision of patients and research participants to address diagnostic questions as much as to test research hypotheses.

Presently, stronger emphasis in my research is on age related macular degeneration (AMD), dominant and X-linked retinitis pigmentosa (RP), retinoschisis, and other X-linked disorders, recessive (ABCA4-linked) and dominant (ELOVL4-linked) Stargardt disease, Usher syndrome (RP with hearing loss) and Bardet-Biedl syndrome (RP with obesity, polydactyly, and other systemic manifestations).

In the field of AMD, I am particularly conducting multidisciplinary research investigating the relationship between serum and retinal carotenoids, inflammation, genetic factors (SNPs associated with increased AMD disease odds), autoimmunity and retinal health/disease in the elderly. These studies include in vivo measurements of the retinal content in carotenoids conducted with a psychophysical, non-invasive testing technique. Our research, initially funded by a K23 from the NEI, RPB and the International Retina Reseach Foundation, has already unveiled new findings from the study of the elderly, including previously unappreciated differences in the retinal biology and bioavailability of carotenoids between Whites and Blacks, which may have bearing on the significantly higher risk of AMD born by White people. In this context, we have also conducted studies to better understand the potential benefits of dietary supplementation with the main macular carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, on macular function and health. A dietary supplementation study with zeaxanthin to investigate further these aspects has been recently completed. Additional studies in this field are in progress. 

With the support of an R21 from the NEI, studies on the role of autoimmunity in AMD have recently led to the dscovery of several macular antigens recognized by the immune system in the blood stream of AMD patients that we hypothesize may have a role in promoting AMD development and progression. Exciting studies are in progress in this emerging field, and are presently funded by an R01 grant from the NEI.

Autoimmunity is emerging as an important role player also in other retinal and optic nerve degenerative disorders, and this too has become in recent years an area of emphasis for both my research and my patient care. We are making very good progress and exciting discoveries also in this area. 

I am also involved in several federally- and privately-sponsored clinical trials for the treatment of macular and retinal degenerations, as well as Phase IV clinical trials for the monitoring of possible retinotoxic side effects of systemically administered medications for the treatment of neurological disorders. The latest is a trial of valproic acid in molecularly confirmed dominant RP, sponsored by the Foundation Fighting Blindness Clinical Research Institute. We are only one of 6 sites nationwide participating in this important new trial.

Research interest/specialty

- Hereditary Retinal and Optic Nerve Orphan Diseases
- Visual Electrophysiology and Psychophysics
- Syndromic Eye Diseases
- Ophthalmic Genetics

- Epidemiology of Macular Aging and Degeneration
- Nutrition, Inflammation and Retinal Health

- Autoimmune Retinal and Optic Nerve Diseases

- Clinical Trials of Retinal Degenerative Diseases 

Research keywords

Visual psychophysics
Visual electrophysiology
Age related macular degeneration
Retinitis pigmentosa
X-linked retinoschisis
Macular dystrophy
Retinal degeneration
Stargardt disease
Usher syndrome
Bardet-Biedl syndrome
Hereditary Retinal Diseases
Hereditary Optic Nerve Diseases
Ophthalmic Genetics
Syndromic Eye Diseases
Epidemiology of Macular Aging and Degeneration
Macular Pigment
Clinical Trials

Research interest/specialty

- Epidemiology of Macular Aging and Degeneration - Nutrition, Inflammation and Retinal Health - Clinical Trials of Retinal Degenerative Diseases - Autoimmune Ocular Diseases - Hereditary Retinal and Optic Nerve Orphan Diseases - Ophthalmic Genetics - Syndromic Eye Diseases - Visual Electrophysiology and Psychophysics


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