Faculty portfolio

Welcome to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center Faculty Portfolio. Your Faculty Portfolio is a centralized, personal website for you to record your professional activities. You control the level of access to the information you place in your Faculty Portfolio - you can keep some things private, share information on your Faculty website, or use it in preparing specific documents.


Your Faculty Webpage

Information you place in your Faculty Portfolio can appear in your personal webpage (referred to as your facepage). No longer will you need to wait on others to update your professional web presence – you can do it yourself!

Career Development

Your Faculty Portfolio will facilitate your preparation of important documents like:

  • Annual Performance and Planning Review
  • UTHSC-formatted CV
  • NIH Biosketches

Career Management

Additionally, your Faculty Portfolio offers you a centralized place to:

  • Track Graduate Students/Fellows Trained
  • Support Grant Preparation
  • Initiate Research Collaborations
  • Document Clinical Care Activities
  • Record Service Activities

Easy to Manage

You’re not constrained to create permanent records, indeed modifying your facepage or updating your CV/Biosketch is easy. It ’s simple to modify your facepage and your Faculty Portfolio to suit your needs.

Secure Storage

Importantly, your data are securely maintained and backed up nightly so you don’t need to worry about losing data after any local computer issue.


The quickest way to see how intuitive and easy using the Faculty Portfolio can be is to jump right in and do it! Select from any of the tabs in the menu at the left and start entering information.

The developers of the Faculty Portfolio, staff from The Office of Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs, encourage you to e xplore your Portfolio, make it your own, and use it to support and document the great work that you do. Please contact us if you have any qu estions or concerns.