Rajashekhar Gangaraju

Assistant Professor
Anatomy and Neurobiology

MEMPHIS TN 381632243
Tel: (901) 448-2721


  • PostDoc, Indiana University School of Medicine, Vascular Biology
  • Ph.D., National University of Singapore, School of Medicine, Molecular Biology

Research Team Members

Raji Lenin

Raji Lenin, PhD
Postdoc Fellow

Dr. Lenin brings a wealth of documented experience in endoplasmic reticulum stress as learned in pancreatic islet cells to retinal endothelial cells. She is exploring the synergistic effects of inflammation and hyperglycemia mediated endoplasmic reticulum stress in the neurovascular defects of diabetic retinopathy.  

Kumar Jha, PhD
Postdoc Fellow

Dr. Jha is a neurobiologist by training having obtained PhD in Visual Neuroscience at the All India. Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. Dr. Jha exploring the role of Muller and Microglial activation in the visual deficits of traumatic brain injury.

Jordy T. Gentry, BS
Sr Research Assistant

Mr. Gentry has a BA in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Mr. Gentry brings a wealth of experience in coordinating studies to quality assurance. He plays a vital role in the mouse colony maintenance to histological support in all pre-clinical experiments.

Samuel M. Thomas, BS
Research Assistant

Mr. Thomas has a BA in Biology with a minor in Psychology. Mr. Thomas is driven to be a physician-scientist will spend a year in the laboratory. He is exploring the effects of adipose stem cells on endothelial activation in addition their therapeutic benefit in retinal ischemia-reperfusion injury.

Research Keywords

Diabetes; Retinopathy; Traumatic Brain Injury; Adult stem cells; Mesenchymal stem cells; adipose stem cells; adipose stromal cells; Pericyte; Apoptosis; Neurodegeneration; Angiogenesis; ER Stress, Unfolded Protein Response, Endothelial activation.

Research Interest/Specialty

My research program’s focuses on retinal neurovascular biology, specifically studying basic vascular mechanisms and neurodegeneration concepts for their potential for translational research. We use two approaches: 1) Adult stem cell therapies and 2) drug target ID/validation. I am funded by National Eye Institute and Department of Defense to study the mechanisms and mediators underlying the roles of adult stem cells from adipose tissue in retinal diseases. We primarily utilize preclinical in vitro and in vivo models to investigate the potential of our findings for clinical translation, with the long-term goal of advancing clinical management of diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration and visual deficits of traumatic brain injury. In the second program, we explore the role for ER stress in dysfunctional neurovascular retina and its link to endothelial activation with the long-term goal to identify novel targets to treat diabetic retinopathy. This program is in part funded by International Retinal Research Foundation and others via postdoc fellowship grants to the lab.

By training, I am a cell biologist with experience in Physiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Pharmacology with special interest in neurovascular biology.


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