ExamSoft: Students

The ExamSoft suite offers secure examinations administration via the SofTest tool. Read below to find out more about this software.



  • Secure downloads of each exam directly to the testing computer
  • No Internet connection needed while taking an exam
  • Local applications and files are blocked
  • Exams are password protected and encrypted
  • Audit trail of exam taker activity

User Experience

  • Native Windows and Mac versions
  • Easy, familiar interface
  • Helpful tools (e.g. timer, spell check, question navigator)

Delivery and Back-up

  • All exam downloads and uploads are logged and use military-grade encryption
  • Exams are auto-saved every 60 seconds
  • Files are backed- up throughout the exam
  • Exams are automatically uploaded to secure server location

Email EdTech: edtech@uthsc.edu
Email ITS: footprints@uthsc.edu

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